Los Angeles Veterinary Center

Pet Travel

“Most of our doctors are certified by the USDA to sign health certificates for travel.  Please note, that although we provide health certificates, we do not provide official permission to travel.  Official permission is provided by APHIS (Animal Plant Health Inspection Services) through requirements provided by the US government and the government of the country that your pet is traveling to.
During the health certificate examination, our veterinarian will sign a document stating that your pet has been vaccinated and does not appear to be carrying any contagious diseases or parasites at the time of the exam.  Any travel arrangements, appropriate time frames for vaccines, microchips, blood tests, treatments for parasites, etc. are decided by the US government via APHIS and the government of the destination country. Figuring out the appropriate time frames for vaccines, microchips, blood tests, etc., is the responsibility of the pet parent.  We will try our best to help with any questions, but once again, it is the responsibility of the pet parent to make sure that all plans and time frames are correct.  We encourage pet parents to visit the APHIS website to research these travel requirements before any travel plans are made.
Travel requirements can be found online by going directly to the APHIS Pet Travel website:

Summarized Steps for Pet Travel

1) Decide where you’ll be travelling to.
(3) Contact APHIS directly with any questions about travel.
(4) Make a timeline for vaccines, blood tests, treatment for parasites, etc., based on APHIS requirements.  You may also reach out to 3rd party pet travel agencies if needed.
(5) Schedule your vet visit for the health certificate based on the requirements already discussed with APHIS.